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Our custom tailored solutions provide you with the accurate data required to meet your IT business goals.

IT Data Centralization

• Network Discovery Quality
• Toolset Reachability

IT Data Accuracy

• Data Governance
• Information Quality


Providing IT leaders with accurate information to improve operational quality and toolset reachability.


We are a full-service IT quality solution, servicing organizations with more than 2,000 network devices. Whether your IT process are immature or mature, centralized or distributed, we will identify and improve gaps in your data and systems.

Data Quality leads to Process and System Quality

Most discovery scans only identify 82% of actual network devices.

According to Gartner, 40% of projects fail due to bad data.

PwC estimates 30% of IT spending is done by the business outside of IT.

We see it all the time. IT teams are too busy keeping up with their business to focus on quality. As the growth rate of IT supported devices spirals out of control and "Shadow IT" lurking at every corner, it's more important than ever to identify all of the devices on your network. Let us help you reach entitlement of the tools in your enterprise.

Whether you're just now starting a CMDB implementation, your CMDB is mature or you manage your inventory on a spreadsheet, it's a good idea to know that the data in your inventory is timely and accurate. Our process indexes all of your data to simplify data validation and data governance activities.

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Use Cases

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    Network Discovery

    Reaching Toolset Entitlement

    The Problem Statement

    The IT security team provides a list of all the known desktops to the Desktop Support team. The Desktop Support team uses this list to ensure all desktops are running Anti-virus. Unfortunately, the security scan is not properly configured to scan the entire network. Segment A cannot be scanned because of the business criticality of the devices. Segment B is misconfigured and not included in the security scan.

    Rack Focus Solution

    Using a federated data model, the enterprise population is built using data from Anti-virus, Windows Patching, Device Management Tools, Log-In Scripts, etc. The devices on Segment A are now visible, Segment B is identified as missing from the scan and a request is created to the IT Security Team to add Segment B. After all sources are updated, a consolidated list of devices are sent to the desktop team for remediation and a report is generated for management.

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    Data Accuracy

    Managing data quality

    The Problem Statement

    Application to host relationships in the CMDB are known to be incomplete and inaccurate. Hosts are missing from the CMDB, existing hosts are missing relationships to applications and existing hosts are incorrectly related to applications.

    Rack Focus Solution

    Using a federated data model, all server operating systems missing from the CMDB are identified and added. The application owners view all related data, pdf's, diagrams, xls, etc, to a specific device and identify the application relationship as Incorrect, Verified or Retired. After management review, missing application relationship are fixed, incorrectly associated applications are removed and retired devices are shutdown freeing up resources.

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    Using Non-structured Data

    Mining data in hard to reach places

    The Problem Statement

    A company's IT data is commonly located in personal spreadsheets, visio diagrams and internal web portals. Because it's so spread out, it's hard to find and hard to use in any reporting tool.

    Rack Focus Solution

    Our solution indexes and brings the data into one location. Imagine viewing all the information on a host in your enterprise on one screen and instantly seeing its last backup results, when it was patched last, its anti-virus status and much more.


Our team has experience managing large global corporate networks that have distributed IT teams. While each business case is different, the need for data and system quality is the same.
If you're a CIO or a Manager, we will custom design solutions to meet your specific needs. If you need long term support because you have zero network visibility, or you just need to review your current application to server relationship quality in your CMDB, we have a solution for you.

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